Solo work by Stanislav Genadiev

This work was created in 2022 within the choreographic laboratory “Moving in Squares” of the German choreographer Julian Weber. “Moving in Squares” is part of the “No Distance” educational platform of the Antistatic International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance, which  2022 focus is concentrated on the articulation of the dialogue between the performing and visual arts.

For this solo Stanislav chooses one painting from the collection of the National Gallery Kvadrat 500 (“Platform” 1986 by Petar Dochev) and developes a performative response. Therefore he’s been researching on how to get into a dialogue with a visual artwork and addresses questions around power-dynamics.

He works with a wide spectrum of strategies, such as contrasting, recontextualizing, conducting theoretical and personal research, translating, giving new voices, embodiment, reversing, playfulness, releasing and extending.

a performance by Stanislav Genadiev

Stanislav Genadiev graduated from the National School of Dance Art in Sofia. He danced in the Swiss troupe “Linga”, participated in a number of theater performances such as “Astapovo Station” and “Elabuga Station” directed by Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev in the “Sfumato” Theater Workshop, Sofia. As a dancer, he works and collaborates with choreographers from Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. Since 2007 together with Violeta Vitanova have been participating in the Kinesthetic Project as choreographers and dancers. His first successful performance was called “Imago” (2006), for which, together with Violeta Vitanova, received the first in the history of the awards of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria “Ikar” for a debut for a dance performance. In 2013, they won the “Icarus” for a dance performance for the choreography of “The Mousetrap” in “Hamlet” directed by Yavor Gurdev. 

Between 2012 and 2014, Stanislav collaborates with the visual artist Martin Penev, creating numerous performances – “Cadaver”, “Big Gun” and “Killer”, presented at numerous festivals and contemporary art platforms such as ONE Dance Week, “Antistatic” Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance, ACT festival.

Since 2015, together with Violeta Vitanova has been working with the French choreographer Brice Leroux.

2017 creates the solo installation “Synchronicity”,produced by “Creative Box”, presented at “Antistatic” Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance and at Spectaculare festival (2019) in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2017, Stanislav worked on the theatrical production “Equus” (Youth Theater, Sofia) by Peter Shafer  invited by the theatre director Staiko Murdjev. Since then, they have collaborated together in a number of theatrical productions such as “Frankenstein”, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, “Equus”, “Taming of the Shrew” and many others. 

Stanislav Genadiev is also involved in a number of musical-experimental projects such as: Roboknob, Hypnos, Genda

There are also a number of editions and participations in emblematic festivals and parties in Bulgaria such as: Alarm Punk Jazz Fest, Artmospheric Fetsival, Stamina, FAZA, TELL ME BAR, TEXN (Techno Experimental Nights)